About Student Advantage: 
Member Agreement

By purchasing the Student Advantage, you are agreeing to the following specific terms and conditions of the Member Agreement. You understand that Student Advantage, LLC and its subsidiaries, vendors, and partners (collectively, “SA”), make available online information and services to Cardholders of this program (“Cardholders”). By purchasing Student Advantage, you are indicating that you are 16 years old or older, and agree to be bound by this Agreement. If you are older than 16, but under the age of 18, you are also indicating that you have received consent from your parent or guardian, and they have agreed on your behalf to be bound by all of the terms and conditions in this Agreement. You acknowledge that the Agreement may be modified or terminated at any time. Any changes will appear on this page. It is your responsibility to refer to the Agreement prior to using the Card. You will be deemed to have accepted any change to this Card Agreement if you continue to use the Card after that change has been posted here.

Student Advantage Discount Card

  1. Eligibility
  2. Card Purchase
  3. Fees
  4. Card Use
  5. Expiration and Cancellation
  6. Refund Policy
  7. Rebate Policy
  8. Trial Membership Policy
  9. Lost Cards
  10. The StudentAdvantage.com Web site
  11. Merchant Disputes
  12. E-mail Policy and Preferences
  13. Refer and Earn Program
  14. Bulk Enrollment
  15. Changes to Offers or Partners

Student Advantage
Student Advantage Discount Program is a fee-based program offered by Student Advantage that provides members with savings and benefits offered through participating sponsors, both online and at merchant locations serving college campuses across the United States.

1. Eligibility
Members of the academic community (part time and full time students, high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, international students visiting, studying or working in the U.S., staff, full time and part time faculty, and administrators) who are 16 years of age or older, are eligible to purchase the Card. If you are under 18 years old, you must receive consent from your parent or guardian to be eligible. Student Advantage reserves the right to limit the availability of any Special Edition Cards to specific channels.

2.  Purchase
When you purchase Student Advantage, you must provide Student Advantage with accurate and complete information (including, but not limited to, name and shipping address), and advise SA of any changes by contacting SA Customer Service. SA will use this information to create your account and, where applicable, mail you a Card and materials.  SA Mobile users will receive discounts by using their Student Advantage MyDeals app.

When you purchase online or activate Student Advantage, you will be asked to create a password to view your account. You may not select a password that violates anyone’s rights or one that, in SA’s sole discretion, SA considers offensive, improper or inappropriate. If you do so, SA may modify or delete it. When you purchase or activate your Card online or over the telephone, you will be asked to select a secret question and secret answer. Your secret answer will allow you to retrieve your password in case you forget it.

Each order is for a single student and parent only.  SA does not permit the sharing of your membership, number, password, or discounts with additional persons. If SA reasonably believes that your membership is being used in any of these ways, SA reserves the right to cancel your membership rights immediately. If you believe someone has used any of your membership services without your authorization, please contact Customer Service.

Contacting Customer Service:

  1. Online by e-mailing us at info@studentadvantage.com.
         An agent will answer your e-mail within approximately 72 hours.
  2. Over the telephone at 1-800-333-2920
         Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm, ET
  3. Or by mail at:
         Student Advantage Card Services
         950 Danby Rd Suite 100C
         Ithaca, NY 14850

For details on how we share information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

3. Fees
1-Year membership: Eligible individuals can sign-up for a 1-year membership. The current retail price of the one-year membership (the ” Fee”) is $30.  You agree to pay the Fee when the charge is incurred. The 1-year membership is valid for a period of at least 12 months from the time of issue, as noted on the expiration date listed on your confirmation email.

*Note: Pricing exceptions apply. SA reserves the right to modify the Fee at any time for any reason in its sole discretion without notice.


4. Membership Use
Your SA MyDeals mobile app and your Membership number are your keys to savings, benefits and services. Keep your membership number with you at all times.  Your SA membership is non-transferable, and may only be used by the student or parent whose name is associated with the membership.

Use of your membership In-store: You must show your Student Advantage confirmation email before you make a purchase at a participating sponsor. A sponsor has the right to deny a discount if you do not present your email  before payment. Sponsors may reserve the right to ask for your school ID, passport, or other identification to verify you are a rightful member. For cardholder, some sponsors will swipe your Card through their terminal in order to track purchases and use of the Card. They will not use the Card as a form of payment. SA uses this information to track sponsor performance to ultimately offer you better savings.

Use of your Membership Online: In order to redeem savings through our online partners, you will be asked to use your SA MyDeals app; or enter your membership number either on www.studentadvantage.com, or at the online sponsor’s Web site.

Student Advantage and participating sponsors are independent contractors. Student Advantage is not liable for any products or services provided by these sponsors.

Any use of the Student Advantage membership, or the associated SA benefits and discounts in a manner that violates the rules or regulations of any participating sponsor or online partner is prohibited by this Agreement, and is grounds for termination of your Student Advantage Membership. Student Advantage reserves the right to cancel your membership rights immediately in the event of such a violation.

For details on how we share information with our online partners, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

5. Expiration and Cancellation
Your SA membership will expire on the date printed on your confirmation email, which is at least 12 months from the date of purchase for 1-year Cards.  Student Advantage reserves the right to terminate your membership at any given point in time if we determine that you have violated any provision of this Agreement.

6. Refunds
The refund policy allows SA members to claim a membership Fee* refund within 30 days of purchasing his or her membership.

1-Year membership: Individuals have up to 30 days to claim a Card Fee* refund within 30 days of purchasing the card. The Card must be returned to Student Advantage before a refund is submitted.

Student Advantage cardholders:
Multi-Year Cards: Individuals have up to 30 days to claim a Card Fee* refund within 30 days of purchasing his the card. The Card must be returned to Student Advantage before a refund is submitted. If the card is returned within the first year, $20 will be deducted off the original purchase price (minus the $2.50 shipping and handling fee). An additional $10 will be subtracted from the refund amount for each year after purchase date.

*Note: Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.
In order to receive any refund, you must first return your Card to Card Services

Student Advantage Card Services
     950 Danby Rd Suite 100C
     Ithaca, NY 14850

Student Advantage is not responsible for any shipping charges you will incur in connection with the return of your Card.

Cards purchased at Greyhound stations, outside the U.S., and/or as part of a bundled offer (e.g., with care packages), are non-refundable.

If a cardholder receives a rebate within the first thirty days of membership, then subsequently cancels, the rebate amount previously received will be deducted from the refunded membership fee. Cardholders are not eligible to receive a full membership refund after receiving a rebate.

7. Rebates & Cash Back

Rebates and cash back are no longer supported as of 12/01/2018.

8. Trial Memberships
Student Advantage trial memberships are no longer supported as of 12/01/2018.

9. Lost Cards  
(for non-mobile members): If your Card is lost or stolen, SA charges a $5.00 Card replacement fee, and $2.50 for shipping and handling, for a total fee of $7.50. You can report lost Cards by contacting Card Services, or by sending an e-mail to info@studentadvantage.com.

10. The StudentAdvantage.com Web site
The StudentAdvantage.com Web site (the “Site”) offers the most up-to-date information on savings and partner benefits offered by participating sponsors. We take reasonable efforts to maintain the accuracty of our database of sponsors and their discounts. However, SA is not responsible for third parties’ restrictions or changes to their offers not communicated to SA. As a member, you will have to log in to access certain sections of the Site, using the membership number on your account. In order to log in to your account, you will have to set-up a password. Cardholders who purchase or activate their membership online or by phone will be asked to create a password as part of their purchase or activation process. If you forget your password, upon verification that you are the rightful owner of the account, SA will e-mail your password to the e-mail address you provided during the order process or activation. You will be verified by answering your secret question.

You may access the Site to edit and update your account information and communication preferences. When changing information on your account, you agree to provide accurate and complete information. Members can search for savings and participating sponsors online. When you wish to purchase goods or services online at the Site, or at a sponsor’s web site, you will be required to use your SA MyDeals mobile app, or enter your membership number in order to receive the discount. Some sponsors and discounts may not be available in your community. You should contact the sponsor to confirm they offer the discount. Even though Student Advantage makes efforts to keep the listing of sponsors and savings up to date, SA is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete information regarding the sponsor or its discount. You may submit corrections to sponsors or discounts in an email to info@studentadvantage.com

The Site may be used to contact the Card Services department. For questions, concerns, or suggestions, e-mail info@studentadvantage.com. An agent will answer your e-mail within approximately 72 hours. In addition, as a Member, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use Agreement of the Site.

11. Merchant Disputes
Student Advantage is not responsible if a sponsor changes its discount due to new ownership or acquisition. If you have a dispute with a sponsor merchant to report, SA will take commercially reasonable efforts to solve the dispute on your behalf.

You may report disputes with sponsor merchants by contacting Card Services. Reports must be submitted and mailed in written form with the following information: merchant name, merchant address, date of purchase, discount denied, and purchase information.


12. E-mail Policy and Communication Preferences
Cardholders have the option to receive Student Advantage e-mail and/or mobile phone updates when they order their membershp online.  We may also use contact information from the order form to verify your status with your college. You have the option to e-mail us to opt out from receiving these e-mails using the link at the bottom of any promotional e-mail you may receive. You also have the option to email Card Services to opt out of receiving the mobile phone messages. Cardholders can also update these preferences by logging into their account on www.studentadvantage.com.

SA reserves the right to e-mail you with information essential to your participation in our program (for example, information on lost passwords, and Card expiration/renewal). You will not have the option to opt-out of e-mails of this nature.

If you purchased the Card through an Affiliate link, the Affiliate may have the right to communicate with you via a ‘welcome’ e-mail sent by SA. This ‘welcome’ e-mail is subject to SA’s e-mail policies. For questions about any e-mail that you receive, please contact Card Services. For more information about how SA uses your information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

13. Refer and Earn Program
Student Advantage Refer and Earn program is no longer active as of 12/01/2018.

14. Bulk Enrollment
(SA non-mobile users only):  SA permits certain sponsors, schools, travel agencies, and other third-party organizations (“Bulk Partners”) to purchase Cards in large quantities, and to resell or distribute them to the Bulk Partner’s customer base (“Bulk Enrollment”). In connection with a Bulk Enrollment, SA collects from the Bulk Partner the necessary information to mail a Card and materials.
If you have received a Card, the Bulk Partner may have enrolled you in the program and submitted your information to SA, but only after receiving authorization from you to do so. The Bulk Partner, not SA, is liable if the Bulk Partner failed to receive your consent. Once we receive your information, it will be governed by our Privacy Policy.

Once you receive your Card and materials, you must visit www.studentadvantage.com to activate your account. This will confirm you have received your Card. You must activate your Card to receive the full savings, benefits and services of the Card. Additionally at this time, you must complete any missing information on your account.
As a Bulk Purchased-Cardholder, you cannot request a Fee refund.

15. Changes to offers or Sponsors
Offers made available through the Discount Program may change from time to time. SA reserves the right in its sole discretion to change the offers and/or participating sponsors at any time. In addition, sponsors may elect to change offers from time to time. SA will make commercially reasonable efforts to make appropriate updates to the Site to reflect offer and/or sponsor changes. For a listing of current offers, Members should visit www.studentadvantage.com. If you become aware of a discontinued offer listed, please notify SA by sending an e-mail to info@studentadvantage.com or contacting Card Services. SA undertakes no obligation to provide a replacement or substitute offer for any offer discontinued.

16. Privacy
By using the Student Advantage Discount Card you acknowledge that any information we receive from or about you through the Card will be treated according to our Privacy Policy.

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